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    Loader Problem

      Dear Friend,


      I am Shabir Gilkar from Srinagar Kashmir working as web Designer in a IT company based in Srinagar Kashmir. I am fresher to the Flash and currently i am learning the Flash. I designed the Loader and Intro and the copy of which i am attaching with this post. Basically my loader is not working finely as per the requirements. Basically i have given the loader fluid filling effect, but at the 46-47% it goes full filled and then start again. Please take a look and suggest me the troubleshoot. Below given is the code i have written in the action script.




      var yStart = 255;
      var yChange = 77;


      var myInterval = setInterval (preload,100);


      function preload () {
          var current = _root.getBytesLoaded();
          var total = _root.getBytesTotal();
          var pctload = Math.round(current/total*100);
           Pct_txt.text = pctload;
          Mask_mc._y = yStart - yChange/100*pctload;
          if (current >= total) {
              gotoAndStop ("Intro",1)




      Shabir Gilkar