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    Video: half speed, audio: normal speed



      I'm importing and playing some mp4 AVC files into premiere. I believe they are 1080 interlaced, 60 fps. The project is 30 fps.


      Premiere indicates that the file has a framerate of approx. 15, and when playing back video is half speed and audio is normal speed (so there is only audio in the first half of the playback).


      I tried using the Interpret function to double the framerate to 30, but that just made the sound high-pitched (and still only audio in the first half of the clip).


      How do I force premiere to interpret my mp4 files correctly?





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          i was having the same problem, so i kept increasing the frame rate but it kept getting slower. what tried next help a great deal,instead of increasing the frame rate try lower it to the lowest it can go. For me it was to 4 frame rate not 15 or 30 that can be too high. Hope it helps

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            It's possible Premiere doesn't work with all .mp4 files, just as it doesn't work with all MPEG-2 files.  Premiere's compatibility for these format are centered around the camera standards of AVCHD and HDV respectively.  Other types of MPEG-4 or 2 files may or may not work.  For example, Divx is a flavor of MPEG-4 which many, many people have issues with.


            My own recommendation is to use a consumer program in cases where the files did not come from a pro camera, as such programs are often more forgiving with non-camera formats than is Premiere.  Movie Edit Pro from Magix I hear works pretty well with these things.