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    Swapping movie files

      I'm using CS3 with AS2.0
      My flash movie is playing an animation on the left side of the screen. While that is playing, the user can click on 4 buttons on the right side of the screen to view animations on a pump, valve, bearing or cylinder. I need to keep the animation on the Left side of the screen going while swapping out the animations on the right. My timeline is 2000 frames long. 0-1000 is the animation for the BLUE filter, then when you swap out the BLUE filter with the BROWN filter, it jumps to frames 1001-2000. Initially I thought of putting each of the right hand screen animations on a seperate "scene" and linking to each of those via the buttons using "gotoAndPlay(Scene,lable)". Is there a more straight forward way to approach this? You can view what I have at present from the link below. None of the bottons on the right side of the screen work at this time.


      Thanks, Kenn
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          make each right-side animation a movieclip with its own timeline and assign them linkage ids. then use attachMovie() to display the desired animation.
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            bigmac031760 Level 1
            Wow, I think that's beyond my scripting capabilities right now. I'm learning flash on the fly here with this project. Halfway thru this animation project my cilent wanted it interactive. I'm doing all the modeling and animation work in 3D MAX. I dabbled with Director 8 many years ago so I understand the basics of Stage, characters from Dir8 and I understand timelines from MAX. I'm not a code-guy. I got it working by applying a gotoAndPlay (scene,lable) command on the buttons. I'll have to figure out the dual timeline thingie and attachMovie when I have some breathing time. Unless you know of a tutorial that covers it. I can't sit and look at a book and interprete code (yet). I'm getting there.


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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              if you only know how to use the main timeline for animation and the goto methods, then you'll have a lot of work to do, but your project may be doable.

              good luck. (if you hit a dead-end, you can always hire someone to code your project.)

              p.s. you could learn how to use attachMovie(), but you would need to learn more than that to make your project work.