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    SHARE with BD - LG - model BE06LU10

      good morning,
      I installed on a PC reader / writer brand LG-  BD BE06LU10 model that sees the program initially, but when I go to burn a blue ray disc, I do not see any device to plug the burn.
      What to say if this BD model is compatible with Adobe premiere element 7?
      or I mistake something?
      to note that the first time installed the BD, the element Premiere acknowledged. The strange thing is that not only sees the BD, but not even seen the DVD device.
      Can you give me some help?
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          Paul_LS Level 4

          Firstly are the drives seen by Windows? Do you have any other DVD/Blu-ray burning software on your PC that might be interfering with Premiere Elements from seeing your drives. For example do you have NERO installed? If you insert a blank disc into the drive what program options are listed by Windows to work with the disc?

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            You also should ensure that the burner is installed in both the BIOS and the operating system! Not installing in the BIOS is a common mistake.


            The BIOS is the set-up screen, and it can be reached by pressing ESC or F1 (it varies) at the brand logo screen that appears when you first turn on your computer -- before Windows starts. Until a new drive is installed here, it won't function properly, even if Windows recognizes it.

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              Level 1

              The unit is installed properly and the PC sees the device BD. SE load a movie in BD BD nell'unitaà, the film is read by Cyberlink PowerDVD correctly. If sgoglio within the BD disk files are read correctly by Windows, but when I try to use the LG with BD premiere element, specifically that the file used has not yet been processed by the reproduction of sound, but I do not think it changes anything . The BD and DVD that are not seen.

              Also tell you that the unit is an LG external drive with USB cable.
              Cyberlink sees and reads correctly from this unit.
              thanks for further help
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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                Emilio, forse sarebbe una buona idea di contattare il supporto tecnico di Adobe. Essi possono aiutare molto probabilmente con questo meglio che possiamo.

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