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    Fonts and fallback mechanism for unicode extended ranges (Chinese, Japanese, Korean,...)

    seb foucault


      I work in a Flex 3.0 / Flash 10 environment and have a question regarding font family management.

      Let's consider :

      • a text control with a font-family style set to "fontX,fontY" (eg. Arial,Arial Unicode MS)
      • a workstation running on Windows on which fontX, fontY are installed.

      • When displaying a string in which all the characters have matching glyphs in fontX, there is no problem !
      • When displaying a string in which some of the characters DO NOT HAVE a matching glyph in fontX (for instance an asian strings), it seems that there is absolutely no guarantee that fontY will be used. The fontY can be in that case substitued by any font installed on the workstation having glyphs for the needed characters.

      • Can anyone confirm this behaviour (based on tests made in different situations)?
      • Is there any workaround allowing to force the use of fontY.
      • Is it a bug or does the documentation state anywhere that this behaviour is the expected one ? Any reference ? Is this secondary fallback mechanism (opposed to the primary one based on font installation) documented and predictible ?



      sébastien foucault