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    adding a html link to a carousel

      i have followed a tutorial to build a flash craousel and have had no problems in building that.  i wanted to add a html link to a section of the carousel but everything i have tried up to now has failed.  All the information is passed through to the carousel from an xml file and everything works fine except for the link.


      i have slightly modified the tutorial so i have an extra box on the information page which holds the web address for the site they are looking at in the portfolio.  i have the address showing up but i cannot use the text as a link.


      the box that i am putting it in is a dynamic text box which has been set up with the following settings


      theLink.html = true;

      theLink.htmlText = t.Link;


      so as far as i know these are set to be able to handle html tags/code but they are not playing games.


      i have tried to pass the link through to the swf file from the xml file with the following code but this just seem to break the whole application.


      Link="<![CDATA[<a href='http://www.acmeart.co.uk/pip_new']]"


      to view how i have the file working upto now please view the link below.




      i feel the problem is not with the flash application but more with how i am trying to pass the html link over to the application from the xml file.  i will attach the xml file to the post.