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    Maximum width for symbols?

      I am creating a staff with animated notes. I plan to have the whole thing scroll from right to left so that the current note 'lights' as it comes under a playhead effect. I have a movieclip with a staff and notes, but there seems to be a limit as to how large I can make it, or perhaps it's how I can work on something so long. I'm running into the 'edge' of the flash window no matter how large I make the staff width.


      Is there a max width? How would you work on something really long within flash?

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          RossRitchey Level 4

          There is a maximum stage size, but it is pretty large.  The max width grows with every new version of Flash, and I am unsure what it is in the newest versions.  The last time I had a problem with this sort of thing was in Flash MX04, and a trial of Flash 8 fixed it for me.  I think the size of my object then was something like 5000 pixels, but its been a few years so I may be mistaken.


          A quick google found this on a different forum "they can be 4096*4096 with a max of 8192 for any dimension."


          So it sounds like the maximum object can be 8192 pixels wide, and, if it is wider, the object won't work correctly.  This is for player 10 (CS4).  Earlier versions of flash have a smaller limit.