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    how do i get realtime playback of dynamically linked AE (rendered comps) in Premiere Pro?

    synapsemedia Level 1

      I have heard over and over again since dynamic link first began that if you render a dynamically linked comp in AE, premiere pro will play back the cached version in realtime in the timeline. I have NEVER seen this happen or managed to get this to work. even if i render the AE comp and dynamically link it to prem pro it simply does not play back in realtime. i still have to render the dynamically linked comp in the prem pro timeline to see it play back in realtime. because of this i have never used dynamic link as it is just as slow and in some cases less efficient than just rendering it out on full to begin with. (the old fashioned way)


      does anybody know this deep and dark secret that has evaded me for so many years?