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    Change values in document form e.g. with form bridge




      I have the following problem: My pdf form must be signed. I submit a pdf via http post to the servlet which starts a process with the pdf as input. After some processing steps I want to show it in the workspace for further actions. As an input für the "Assign Task" I used the document form, which contains the form bridge. The workspace shows me the PDF and I can submit it. But I want to set some values in the pdf for showing.


      The cannot use the FormDataIntegrationClient because it change all values in the pdf and I lost the valid signature (refers only to some fields not all). I want to set some fields in the pdf without destroy the signature.


      When I read the comments in the designer for form bridge, it provides the possibility to change values inside the pdf, but I have no idea how I can do it.


      The Designer Comment:

          FormBridge provides a scripting API to access and change information in a PDF form.
          It supports actions such as getting and setting form data, getting a list
          of fields, email, and print just to name a few.


          Messages are sent to this script have the following format:
              id          is a number supplied by the requestor
              requestName is the command to perform (see: "FormBridge API command"s below)
              params      are the parameters for the command


      and so on.....


      How can I send these message to the PDF to change a value inside after signing?


      Did somebody else anything like this?