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    Flex Flash event call

      Ok, this is probably going to be a little confusing, but Im still relatively new with Flash/Flex2 so Ill do my best. I have an Flash asset which is a map of the United States. The asset has its own actionscript file that handles the mouseover, mouseout, etc events. No, I am trying to use this asset in a flex application as a means for users to click on a state and see a list of postings from that state. So far, all this works great.

      Now, what I want is to have the flex query a web service and compile a list of all the states that currently have postings and then have the map show a different color for those states.

      I'm not really sure if I need to create a property in the flash actionscript file and call that from the flex, or what. I want my application to be loosely coupled and I was thinking I could have flex dispatch an event but I dont know if the Flash Asset is able to capture the event and then use it to turn the appropriate states on.

      Is there a better way to handle this? I like having the assets handle their own behavior and contain the methods to perform the switch, but I dont what is a good way to implement this.

      Thank you all SO MUCH!!!