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    coldfusion and commands

    kel45 Level 1

      Hi i have been looking at receiving sms from a gsm modem which will be connected to my server, i need to write some code to procees sms that are received on the modem.


      is there a way to get coldfusion to access the AT Commands.


      1. if a sms is received by the gsm modem i need to get the sms info

      2. i could then forward this info to a specif url which will handle the data.


      for step 1 would i need a scheduled task, or is there another way of doing this, as scheduled tasks would only run every 60 secs, i would like this to trigger when a sms comes in?


      many thanks

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          Daniel Short

          To the best of my knowledge there is no way to access your modem directly from CF. However, if you have any sort of command line tools that allow you to do that, you could use the <cfexecute /> tag to run those items at the command line. So here's a potential workflow (completely made up).


          1. Build a .bat file to access the messages on the modem.


          2. Have the .bat file dump the messages out to a plain text file.


          3. Create a scheduled task to pick the items off of disk.



          The other option might be at the modem level (and again, I honestly have no idea what's possible or not at the modem).


          1. When a new message is received, the modem writes the file to disk.


          2. Set up a directory watcher in CF to watch the messages folder.


          3. For each new message dropped into the folder, do your thang.



          Hopefully this at least gets your bring going in a different direction. I hope it's helpful.




          Daniel Short

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