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    Title text is repositioned upon reopening of project

    sarucci Level 1

      This is a weird one. I create a simple title (a single line of white text, center justified with a space between words and a little bullet between the two lines of text. The bullet is a separate shape placed over the text object). I save the title. It looks normal. I place the title on the timeline over video. Everything looks fine. I render a movie. The movie is fine.


      I close and reopen the project. Now all the titles are no longer center justified. Somehow they've changed.


      To simulate, it goes from this


                                Hi how are  <bullet> you today?


      To this


                         Hi how are   you t<bullet>oday?


      (the bullet above is actually overtop the text.


      This happens just by closing and reopening the project.I think that titles without the bullet dot remain positioned correctly. The dot remains centered but the text is shifted left so that the dot is superimposed over my text. Regardless, how is this possible? Anyone every seen this before? Thanks.


      Win Vista Ultimate 64, CS4 Production Premium, dual quad xeon, 20GB RAM, Raid 0 media drive, Matrox Axio LE card.