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    *** Security Sandbox Violation *** problem


      Dear All,


      I having the Security problem


      My Scinarion


      I have an Exe (With SWISH Studio) / Swf file which is on Local Machine calles a swf file which on Server and that Swf file call a XML file which is on a Same Server


      While Compiling the SWF file gives the following error message of


      *** Security Sandbox Violation ***
      SecurityDomain 'http://www.mydomain.com/folder/swfname.swf?mathrand=Wed Apr 8 19:39:27 GMT+0530 2009' tried to access incompatible context 'file:///D|/folder/swfname.swf'


      I have already tried for


      System.security.allowDomain("*");   and   crossdomain.xml


      But it dosen't worked for me


      I will appriciate if any one can give me a ray of hope to solve this problem


      Please give me some solution