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    Fonts driving me nuts!



      I am using Flex 3.2 with fonts embedded in a SWF created in Flash cs3.


      In my font SWF I have "Helvetica Lt STD" open type font embedded, in normal mode only (no bold or italic)


      I have a text area that I am displaying "htmlText" in. I set the textarea's "styleName" property = "textAreaStyle". The problem is that my text in the textarea will NOT display unless the style's fontWeight is set equal to "bold". This is a problem as I need the font to display as normal and not bold. If I set the fontWeight = "normal" The text dissapears.

      The font and style are defined as such:


      @font-face {
          fontFamily:"Helvetica LT Std";
          fontStyle: normal;
          fontWeight: normal;


      .textAreaStyle {
         fontFamily: "Helvetica LT Std";
         fontStyle: normal;
         fontWeight: normal;



      <mx:textarea styleName="textAreaStyle" htmlText="mytext"  .... />


      So is Flex telling me that I can only display Bold text in it? How Can i get around this?