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    how to get rid of Progress loader bar?

      Hello everyone,

      I was wondering is there any way to bypass the progress loader bar when your web page is first opened to a new viewer? Is there any work around this? Or does the viewer always have to download the shockwave player to view the contents of Director in HTML? Thanks ahead of time everyone.
        • 1. how to get rid of Progress loader bar?
          ensamblador Level 1
          I only have 45 secs to reply. My boss goes to the toilet.

          I thik you want to do something before the load of the entire shockwave right?, there are 2 ways:

          1)use dynamic HTML (Javascript) to insert (the shockwave) the plugin after certain event. Use javascript methods and props for this ( i mean browser js, not director js), for example: createNode, innerHTML.
          2)create a small shockwave, let it start (1kB loads fast), then, inside the shockwave preload the medias from internet to the client cache when you need those files.