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    Flex Call Video Conversation

      I'm currently working on the staff directory touchscreen board whereby student can use the application to call the staff. However, Im unsure on to do it. Am I suppose to use Flash Media Server? If yes, how do I use it and does the staff have to have Flex Builder to receive the calls make outside the staffroom.

      Can anyone help? Thanks!
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          greg h_
          Hi fypstudent,

          The topic for this support request is "Flex Call Video Conversation".

          You can find a related sample application (with explanation and downloadable source code) here:

          Video Conference with Flex & FMS

          Video Conference with Flex & FMS, Live Demo and Source Code

          And here is another sample, though this one is audio only (i.e. no code for the video part):

          FlexAudioChat hits the streets

          Regarding your questions ...

          First, yes regarding "Am I suppose to use Flash Media Server?" Yes, some server is required. Flash Media Server is the required server offered by Adobe (there are competitors including open source competitors to Flash Media Server). And as of Flash Media Server 3, the specific version of Flash Media Server that you will require is called the Flash Media Interactive Server (aka FMIS for short).

          Lastly, no regarding "does the staff have to have Flex Builder to receive the calls make outside the staffroom?" At runtime, all users will only need Flash Player on their local machines and an Internet connection.

          fyi ... Flex code compiles to a file with the file extension SWF. SWF files play inside of Flash Player. So, at runtime no one using the application will need Flex Builder. Only the programmer who creates the program will use Flex Builder. In Flex Builder the programmer will select "Run", or "Export for release" and in both cases a SWF file is produced. The SWF file is then put on a web server, generally with an HTML "wrapper" file. At runtime all users of the application will then load the HTML "wrapper" file in their browsers, and the HTML "wrapper" then in turn loads Flash Player and the SWF inside the browser.

          Please post back regarding whether the above answers your question, and if you find it helpful :-)

          Best regards,

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            fypstudent Level 1
            Hi, Thanks for the reply.

            I actually tried using the codes given in Video Conference with Flex & FMS. I import and when I played, I actually faced some problem when I enter the name to enter to the chat. There is a popup which said 'The number of users has been limited for this demo, please try again in a few minutes'. I tried to change the number of users in the main.asc. But I still faced the same problem.

            I'm also unsure of where to state the source for 'nc.connect( "rtmp:/flex_videoconference/", txtName.text, identifier );'. I do not know where to place the main.asc. Is it place it at C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flash Media Server 3\applications\flex_videoconference OR should i place it at localhost (currently using WAMP server)?

            And as you said the staff do not need any Flex Builder, meaning that they had to have the SWF running always on their computer?

            Thanks for helping.
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              greg h_ Level 1
              Hi fypstudent,

              Let me answer your last two questions first.

              First, you were correct on where to place the main.asc. Yes it does go under the applications directory under the Flash Media Server (FMS) install directory; e.g.:
              C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flash Media Server 3\applications\flex_videoconference

              fyi "rtmp" is a protocol. The abbreviation for: Real Time Message Protocol. For the "http" protocol requests are handled by your http server, i.e. localhost under Apache. When making rtmp requests, they are handled by an rtmp server, like FMS. (Note: There are several other servers that support rtmp. Some that are messaging only, some that are video only, and some like the Flash Media Interactive Server (FMIS) that support both real time messaging and video.)

              Second, and most importantly, yes all clients have to be running a SWF ... or an AIR file! ... to be able to receive and send communications. I mention AIR because you can use Flex Builder to build applications that target both web-based SWFs and locally installed AIR applications. SWFs run in Flash Player (and for most use cases, Flash Player is running inside a browser). AIR applications run inside the AIR Player. AIR applications install as local applications. AIR applications can run in the background and receive notifications of an incoming request. In your case, it may be best for staff listed in the directory to have AIR versions of the video chat. This way they can be alerted when "calls come in". Users not listed in the application can still use web-based SWF versions. SWF and AIR apps can communicate with each other (AIR Player actually includes Flash Player, plus other technologies including a Webkit browser and SQLite database).

              Lastly, the popup error you are seeing is hardcoded into the file FlexVideoMain.mxml inside the method netStatusHandler() because the error "NetConnection.Connect.Rejected" is being received.

              Can you confirm what version of Flash Media Server you are using?

              This Video Conference application uses Remote Shared Objects. This application was created against Flash Media Server 2. As of Flash Media Server 3, there is 1 version of the product that does not support Remote Shared Objects (Flash Media STREAMING Server does support "Multi-way applications" which includes Remote Shared Objects). The "Compare editions of Flash Media Server" page is here:


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                fypstudent Level 1

                for the rtmp, what is the folder that link from the flex to that folder? Is it put it in the wamp or the flash media server app folder?

                I am using Flash Media Server 3, no wonder it prompts an error. Do you have any tutorial on Flash Media Server 3 Video Calls?