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    Changing Directory/Folder Names to Lowercase in RH 8?

    Betsy Kervin Level 1

      Using RH 8 on Windows XP Professional


      I need to publish my RoboHelp project to an Apache server.  Some of my directory/folder names have capital letters in them, which wasn't a problem with RH 5.  My project always worked on the server despite that.  However, when I publish with RH 8, pages and images inside directories with any capital letters in their names won't show up. However, if on the server I manually change the directory names to all lowercase, these pages and images show up. Now, I just need to be able to publish this way from RoboHelp, which is my problem.


      Here is everything I've tried.  If you have suggestions on what else I could try, please help.


      Every time I published the project, I checked the "Use Lowercase File Names (Recommended for UNIX)" option, but this only changes the html file names not the directory names.


      In RoboHelp's Project Manager area, when I renamed the directories to lowercase letters, they immediately went back to the capitalization that had previously.


      Then I tried closing RH and renaming the directories to lowercase in a Windows Explorer window.  However, when I open the project back up in RoboHelp, these directories show up with capitalization again...even though the source directories have been renamed with lowercase letters.


      After that, I tried deleting the .cpd file (with RoboHelp closed of course) because I had seen from other forum posts that this fixes a variety of problems. When I re-launched RH, I still have the same problem with the directories showing up with caps.


      If I try to republish with all of the directories on the server in lowercase, RoboHelp either creates a new directory for the capitalized folders (can reside side by side with the lowercase folder of same name on an Apache server) and puts the contents inside it or it dumps it's contents at the top-level directory of the project.  For example, if my folder says "Papers" in RoboHelp and I already have a folder named "papers" on the server, I'd have two folders, "Papers" and "papers", on the server when RoboHelp finished publishing.


      I tried deleting all the files on my server and re-publishling in the off chance RoboHelp would magically publish the directories in lowercase.  Of course, this didn't work, but I was getting to the point that I'd try anything.


      Again, any suggestions you have on what would work would be hugely appreciated.