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    Parent Movies and Frame Lables


      Hi There,

      I am making a movie with frame lables and parent movies.


      So there is the maintimeline and a movie on each sucessvive frame, relating all relevant aniamtions/transitions from button to button.



      Using this script


      on (release) {



      I have been able to do exaxtly what I want, jump from "P" to "CommCent" essentially, where each is a movie on the main timeline, the "P_CommCent" signifies the specic transtion.
      So my problem is... that this worked for all movies, now I want to jump from "Green" to "CommCent", using "Green_CommCent" however now it is not working.
      Anyone have any tips?

      This seems not right to me.






      the file is here if you want to look/

      [URL=http://www.zshare.net/download/583658519aa15203/]Lam.fla - 0.37MB[/URL]

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          David Stiller Level 2



               For some reason, that download link isn't working for me (might just be heavy traffic at the moment).  In any case, I generally encourage people to work through their questions with words, even though it takes more effort.  More often than not, that effort pays off.   I remember this file, too.  It has tons going on, which may well make it hard to dig through.


               My first thought is, do you have a "Green_CommCent" label in the parent timeline of the button in question?  (Has your luck improved with compiling this file in Flash 8?  I hope so!)



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            RenMan3Grand Level 1

            Sorry for my delay in reply, I have been very busy with the project.


            For some reason it began to work using the same cose as I had figured shortly after I posted.







            Hmm. beats me but chanks.