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    no sound or no video

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      My colleague has two new pc's (lucky him). One with CS3 the other with CS4. No other software, yet, just the default XP stuff...

      His job is to process media clips that the general public send into us - so they arrive in a *wide* range of formats.

      The most popular is, of course, divx, xvid, and the likes. And we have to prepare these things for TV and DVDs.


      Our trouble concerns divx. Many videos we receive were easily edited in Premiere Pro 2. But the same vids have video but no sound in CS3, and sound and no video in cs3 - yes the reverse!

      We tried reinstalling everything - which is a rant in itself (whats with this Checking System Profile aaahhhh).

      I've tried a few things: like using gspot to see whats what. Adding codecs one by one.


      Ideally we want CS4 to work as well as Pro2 - not unreasonable i say.

      We have a solution of using other software: but does Adobe really want me to use other software?


      Can anyone suggest a fix?