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    Proportional devisions with fixed minimums

    Jim Daniel

      I'm looking for away to dived up the stage into three(3) work areas. Lets call them the left, right, and middle.  the base stage is set to 800x600 and the main container  is set to 90% or 720 pixels.  The left and right sides have a maxwidth set to 120 pixels (20% of 720 pixels) and are fixed to the left and right sides of the main container using constraints.  The middle has its width set to 60% with no min or max width set.


      As you would expect when the brouser is open on a screen with a reselution higher than 800x600, the middle incresses in size to 60% of the new size of the main contaner leaving gaps between the left and middle and the right and middle.


      So here is the question :


           "How can I get the middle to fit between the left and right without gapping when run at a higher screen resolution?"