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    Convert OS 9 projector to OS X?

    Tim Kline
      Not sure where else to post this. I have an old projector movie made about 10 years ago for the old Mac OS. I'm using OS X and don't have OS9 classic on my system. Is there any way to open this movie natively in OS X? Any kind of app I can get that can convert it to work with OS X or even WIndows XP?

      I don't own director, just wondering if there's any kind of work around so I can watch this movie? :)
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          fazstp Level 2
          If you only have the projector and you don't have Director then your options are pretty limited.

          If the projector contains an external dxr you may be able to run it with an OSX projector. It all depends if it relies on any xtras that are no longer supported and whether the dxr is too old to be interpreted by the current version. I'm not sure how far backwards they are compatible?

          I'm not sure if the demo version of Director would allow you to create a projector manually (ie. use source projector file with an ini containing the movie playlist). I don't think it allows you to publish one normally.

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            fazstp Level 2
            I guess if it does have an external dxr you could try just dragging it into an empty window in your browser.