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    Why does this work on one site and not another?

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      Source is exactly the same and both point to the same third party for the swf and flv file.  Flv file is just a file download (progressive) so no flash communication server, etc.


      These websites are both on the same web server with the same configuration (IIS6).  I have tried different swfs and flvs from different sources and same outcome.  The swf only has the flash 8 video player component on it and no actionscript at all...


      This one works:



      This one does not:



      Don't reply with obvious solutions or things to try.  We have went through a ton of things to try to figure this out, but nothing.  This is all client side, so I would not think it would be server related, but seems to be...  Scratching my head on this one...


      Thanks in advance for a thoughtful answer!