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    SharePoint corrupting pdf files

      Hi everyone


      I am having a really odd isse that we just cant seem to figure out.    It seems that if we upload a pdf document or scan one into sharepoint it will open up fine most of the time.    However, if we change any of the metadata of the file or re-name it in sharepoint it seems to corrupt the file and it shows up with blank pages. 


      From reading other areas of the web we noticed a few things about clearing different object caches in sharepoint, that seemed to help on some sites but the problem still persists.  Whenever we open a document that has had metadata added/edited or the name changed by editing the metadata the file breaks and shows the correct number of pages but no information.


      We are using server2008, 64bit to host sharepoint and had no problems with pdf's for a while now.

      Also all client computers,  vista 64 or XP32  have adobe reader 9 and adobe pro 8 and still have the same issue.



      Can anyone shine some light on this issue?


      Thank you,