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    Premiere Pro CS4 FAQ

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      Premiere Pro CS4 FAQ

      This FAQ is a Work in Progress.   The objective is to store the most commonly asked questions and answers here associated with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4.   For more detailed articles and answers to additional questions, also try the

      PPRO WIKI at





      • The downloaded trial version of Pr CS4 doesnt play my file, or export.

        • The trial version is crippled and will not support any form of MPG2 video including HDV and AVCHD.


      • How do I export a still image?  It cant be as complicated as it seems!

        • It is difficult in Pr CS4


        1. Select a clip in the Project panel or a Timeline.
        2. Choose File > Export > Media.
        3. In the Export Settings dialog box, select a still-image format from the Format menu. See Export Settings Format options.
        4. If tabs are not visible below the Summary pane, click the Advanced Mode button .
        5. On the Video tab, deselect the Export As Sequence option (if it is selected).
        6. (Optional) To deinterlace the frame, select Progressive from the Field Type menu.
        7. (Optional) To correct the pixel aspect ratio for display on computer screens, select Square Pixels from the Aspect menu.
        8. Click the Output Name hot text.
        9. Browse to the location where you want to save the still-image file, type a filename for it, and click Save.
        10. In the Export Settings viewing area, drag the playhead to the frame you want to export as a still image.
        11. Click OK.