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    Dynamically Setting the icon in a LinkButton

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      I am using several link button controls as navigation devices in my app.  When the LinkButtons are created they are all given four icon properties like so:













      The second LinkButton would have the same properties as shown except it would have it's own set of GIF's.  Because these are navigation buttons in my app I want to be able to click on a LinkButton and have it's downIcon GIF become the icon GIF.  That way it looks like the button has stayed selected and gives the end user some visual indication of where they are in the app.


      Problem is how do I set the state of the icon for a LinkButton and make it show???  I have tried this AS code but it hasn't worked...  It doesn't generate an error... it just has no visual effect.

          LinkButton_1_ID.setStyle('icon', 'images/Sel_1.gif');



      So if you have any ideas on how to change the icon on a LinkButton please let me know.  Thanks in advance for your help!!!



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