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    Is Adobe Premiere Crashing on you??? - Solution to almost every cause...

      I've been trying to fix this problem of mine, and I've found that countless people have had the same problem with previous versions of premiere and still do with even the more recent versions. I'm going to be posting this on multiple forums to help out. Well, I might be being a little cocky saying that I have a solution to every case of Adobe Premiere not working, but I will give as many solutions as I know starting with my problem, which I've had happen multiple times, and then go through the possible solutions to other countless people's errors that I've seen while trying to fix my problem.
      It might almost seem like it's not worth it to go through all of my steps and instead just format your hard drive, but some people have too much stuff to have to copy off the drive to do that so that is why I'm posting this. For example, I myself have over a Terabyte of music on my computer =/.


      When I would click on Premiere, no matter what version ( I only tried Adobe Premiere 6.5, Pro 7, and CS3 but I'm sure it would've been the same for all ) it would pop up as it usually does and then it would crash ( for search provider purposes I'm going to put every word I can think of ) lock up, freeze, shut down, close out, not work, wouldn't start, doesn't open, won't run, can't load, etc. Premiere 6.5 for example would say "Initializing" and then give a send or don't send error message. Similar thing for CS3 except it didn't say "Initializing" it said something else, but it would only say the first thing it would try to do and then the same error messages every time. This seemed to be an unfixable problem I've had multiple times with adobe premiere and I've tried the following possible fixes but none worked: System restores, uninstall and reinstall, uninstall all audio and video codecs I can find, Delete every adobe premiere file that exists on my computer including documents and settings / my documents / windows / program files / temp files / prefrence files / application data / etc., also going into my regestry editor and going to HKCU... as well as HKLM / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / RUN and RUN Once and deleted any proccesses I knew I didn't need on startup, I've also tried unchecking Load Startup Items under the Selective Startup section using "msconfig" in the run command and then restarting without those background programs running and then tried Premiere, and I've even tried to do a repair install of Windows XP, but not a single one of those things in any combination would do the trick!!!




      The problem actually started after doing a system restore, maybe undoing something I wasn't aware of even though the system restore itself was only created a few days back so I'm not sure how that could be, none-the-less the problem started just after. It might have also had something to do with a new program I had installed to clean my registry. I don't believe that was the problem because after cleaning my registry and before the system restore the program worked just fine, but maybe the combination of the two things caused the problem this time. A few other problems I've heard of as possible causes / solutions are...

      · Conflicts with Audio Codecs such as - Lame Mp3 / Ra-Audio codec12 /  RC3 / etc.
      · Conflicts with Video Codecs such as - Ligos, ffdshow, Darim Vision, Moonlight WinDivX, WMP DVD Playback, Core Video, Matrox, Fraps, etc. etc.
      · Malware, Viruses, Spyware, bogus Registry Cleaners like RegCure, Pirated Software ( big no no), and other vulnerabilities.
      · Prefrence files that needed to be deleted like: Prem60.prf, Premiere 6.5 Prefs - in C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserNameHere\Application Data\Adobe\Premiere, and a few other pref files I can't really remember.
      · QUICK TIME, you should uninstall quicktime (which might have been my problem) and delete all files associated with it including Apple Software.
      · Start Up proccess conflicts. Use Msconfig in the run command line to bring up msconfig, then under General / Selective Startup, uncheck Load Startup Items and restart your computer. If after restart Premiere doesn't work read on...

      · Ace Mega Codecs Pack: This one can cause a lot of conflicts... Here's a screenshot of what your Ace MCP settings should be on through a Custom install, or you can use your control panel to modify an already existing install... http://frankreu.ipower.com//AceSettings.jpg

      MY SOLUTION ( to possilby every case of Premiere crashing )


      This is a very good solution to have so that you don't have to try all the other things first, I guarantee this is the best solution and it will take a little courage on your part but does the trick without having to format your Hard Drive. The first thing I did was uninstall all versions of Premiere, then Ace Mega Codecs pack v5.93.8971, I also uninstalled all extra audio codecs I could find, and uninstalled any extra software I didn't need on my computer while I was at it which might be causing the conflict such as Fraps, Growler Guncam, and any other little programs I didn't need and could reinstall. Even going as far as looking through the Program Files for things I didn't recognize, and if I were anyone else I would google it to make sure it is not a necessary file, and then delete all the folders to programs I had already uninstalled that were left over or other folders to things that I didn't need. If you're going to do this make sure you go into your My Computer folder, then at the top select the Tools tab and click on Folder Options, then on the view tab make sure that Show Hidden Files and Folders is selected and click apply. Then I went into C:\Documents and Settings\ (Every different account there was) and looked through the Application Data folders and the Local Settings folders for left over Adobe Premiere files and folders and deleted them all. I also cleaned out every temp folder I could find by selecting the files and pressing shift + delete to skip the recycling bin proccess. If you come across any files that say "cannot delete" due to file permissions just look on google for the program called Unlocker 1.8.7 and download it for free, here's the current link http://ccollomb.free.fr/unlocker/unlocker1.8.7.exe. After installing it, should only take seconds, you can right click on any file or group of files and click unlocker, then select the delete option and press the Unlock All button. If the process winlogon.exe or svchost is in the list of processes you are going to unlock do not do it, this will freeze up your computer. After deleting all those left over files you should use your Search command in your start menu to look for anything with the name Premiere in it, make sure you select Advanced Options and then put checkmarks next to Search System Folders, Search Hidden Files and Folders, and Search Subfolders. Delete all those files, but make sure they are related to Adobe Premiere and not something else. Then, and this may not be a necessary step so don't panic, I ran Uniblue Registry Booster to clean out my registry files of all unecessary entries and also did a registry defrag. Uniblue is software you have to pay for though so you might want to fish around on the internet for a good free registry cleaner, do not use RegCure though that one's a scam.


      Then, and this is where you have to be kinda brave, I went into the registry editor by pressing the start button on my tastbar and opening the run command I then typed regedit.exe, or just regedit, to open the system registry editor. First you should make a backup of your registry before going any further by clicking the File / Export button, and saving the registry to your My Documents folder or somewhere else you will be able to find it. I would then use the Find command with all options checked to look for Adobe and then Premier seperately to make sure I found every place that had Premiere entries in it and then deleted those entries. Make sure you start from the top by having My Computer selected. Some would only say Prem~.exe and things similar to that, so that is why you have to look for Adobe as well to find all the entries. Once you click find, you can press F3 to do a find next and continue the seach after each value you delete. If a folder contained only a value with an Adobe Premiere property in it I deleted the whole folder. I then searched for the following words and began the same proccess with them: Ligos, Matrox, Fraps, Quicktime, and during the search if I saw any values I wasn't sure of because they didn't seem to be what I was referring to I left them alone. I also deleted any entries that I knew I nolonger needed in there such as Apple Software, and refrences to game demos or other programs I knew I had already uninstalled. Be carefull with that though, you should be absolutly sure before deleting anything from the registry. You have a back up so don't get too scared if you damage it, just double click your backup of the registry, then reboot and start over. Worst case is that you might have to do a windows repair install if you mess up.



      Anyway, after you're done in the registry create a system restore point and then restart your computer. Once it loads up again try reinstalling Adobe Premiere and make sure you cross those figers, that's the most important part. Viola, that's my solution. If it doesn't work for you, well, most likely you have some serious malware or a trojan that just doesn't like Premiere. I myself use Panda Titanium 2009 as well as Uniblue PowerSuite to keep my system clean. If you can't afford that try Lavasoft Adaware freeware + Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool and see if they don't catch anything. Good luck, and I really hope that I help at least one person with all of this lol.

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          Mark Berns Level 1

          There also are other registry cleaners around. What's the best registry cleaner is - kind of - a personal thing. Try taking a test to find out, which registry cleaner is best for you: http://pcspeedanvil.com/registry-cleaner-personality-test.html .

          Anyway, Registry Easy (http://pcspeedanvil.com/registry-easy-review.html) is a better choice.

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            shooternz Level 6

            Never heard /read  of anyone requiring this type of  extreme "solution".


            The fact that you had to go to such lengths only indicates what an "extreme mess"" your computer was in.


            Full of junk programs and codecs etc.


            Common wisdom and experience is that Premiere Pro should basically be installed on a "clean" machine dedicated to this purpose. NLE and qualified supporting applications.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              I kind of agree.  I didn't get half way through the explanation when I thought "Damn, I'd rather just wipe everything and reinstall from scratch".

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                Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

                We just built 2 new high end systems at work for running the CS4 suite. I plan to install Acronis TrueImage on both of them. Right now we have 2 very clean systems that are running great. We have all of the software we need installed, and have customized the system settings to our liking.


                Your article reminds me that I need to get the ball rolling on the Acronis install and imaging process. I have used this hard drive imaging technique in the past and it generally takes about 12 to 20 minutes to completely restore a system "C" drive to its former "clean" condition. We keep nothing other than system files and software program installs on our "C" drives. Documents folders etc. are moved to an internal drive other than system "C".


                Quick, simple problem solving is the reason why I used the SuperMicro hot-swappable 5 bay hard drive cage in the front of these two computers. The Acronis method positively identifies whether a problem is caused by software or hardware. If it turns out that a bad system drive is the culprit, you simply pop in a new hot-swapable drive and the Acronis start-up CD created earlier. Follow the wizard and "burn" the clean image on to the new drive. The only issue we have run into before is, Adobe licensing used a hard drive id  number (and Adobe may currently as well) to verify licensing. So getting your system back using this method required a phone call to Adobe.

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                  Jeff Bellune Level 5

                  I plan to install Acronis TrueImage on both of them.

                  Check out ShadowProtect Desktop Edition.  It replaced ATI on my system last year and I haven't looked back.  Killer app, IMO.



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                    Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3



                    I have had both good and bad experiences with Acronis True Image. I got the recent copy of ATI via a Newegg.com bundle. I haven't tried it yet on any Windows 7 editing systems. ATI installs some services that I would rather not have running in the background.


                    What made you change from ATI to ShadowProtect Desktop Edition?

                    Are you running Windows 7?

                    What do you see as advantages to running ShadowProtect Desktop Edition as opposed to Acronis True Image?



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                      Jeff Bellune Level 5

                      A couple of years ago I had ATI 10, and I needed to do an emergency

                      backup my data on a laptop drive that was partitioned into my system C:

                      drive and my data D: drive.  The C: drive had bad sectors and would not

                      boot.  Both partitions were accessible from the ATI Recovery Disk.  But

                      ATI wouldn't let me make a backup from the recovery environment.  I went

                      in search of a solution, and I found BartPE (for ATI) and

                      ShadowProtect.  Alas, 2 days' work was lost because the drive died

                      completely before I could implement either new solution. :'(


                      When I got my new desktop system in October of '08, I needed full-time,

                      real-time backup for my 2 RAID0 media drives that wouldn't kill

                      performance or force me to stop working.  Again, ATI couldn't do that. 

                      But ShadowProtect can.  I'm running Windows Vista x64.  ShadowProtect

                      recently released updates for Windows 7.


                      With ShadowProtect, I take a full disk image on Sunday AM, and

                      incrementals several times throughout the day, every day.  SPD only

                      images the changed sectors for the incremental backups, so most

                      incrementals finish in seconds.  Depending on the projects I'm working

                      on, I'll have about 700 GB of data spread over 3 TB of drives that are

                      backed up to a 4 TB RAID5 disk.  I keep 2 full sets of backups. 

                      Currently, the full image takes about 7 hours.  It's all done with VSS,

                      so I can still keep working, even while the full backup is running.


                      I can restore the drives to any state at any time going back to my

                      oldest full backup, and I can pull individual files out of any of those

                      backups at any time.  I won't ever lose more than an hour's work. 

                      Ever.  And I don't even have to think about it - SPD handles it all in

                      the background.


                      And that's why I use ShadowProtect.