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    Premiere Elements 4.0 shuts down 15 minutes into my photo slideshow

      I have created a photo slideshow in Premiere Elements 4.0. I'm using a Gateway Laptop - 2.00 GB, 32-Bit operating system. I checked available space on my C-hard drive and it shows: 43.6 GB of available space.

      At approximately 15 minutes and 44 seconds, the end of one of my songs starts to skip, and an error message pops up that says: Microsoft Windows: Adobe Premiere Elements has stopped working - a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

      I checked the song where the issue occured. It plays fine in other applications. I checked the format of the photos - all are Jpeg. I even deleted all files from that 15 min 44 sec point in my project and it still hits something it doesn't like and shuts down with the error message. I defragged and performed a disc cleanup. I re-started the computer and tried it again - same issue.

      So I started over. I checked it every time I added something new. Photos worked; transitions worked, the theme worked..... and then I got to music. I added 3 tracks and at 15 min 44 sec, my issue started again. I thought that maybe I had run out of hard drive space (I've read several threads on here that suggest a laptop is not ideal for PE 4 - a CPU works best). But if that were true, shouldn't my project have worked when I deleted the songs from the project? I've tried everything and am a loss. I've contacted Tech Support and am still waiting for an answer. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!