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    Problem w/ Batch Process

      I have been able to convert .pdf files to .tif files by using the Batch Sequence Command "Export All Images As Tiff", but I'm having one issue with the resulting file.  When the original file is a 5 page multi sheet .pdf - the batch process creates 5 single page .tiff documents.  I would like to get 1 multi sheet .tif from every 1 multi sheet .pdf.  I really don't want to have to go that extra step and have to combine the 5 files into 1 multi sheet .tif.  I'm dealing with over 100,000 documents, and that would result into too much time spent.


      Is it possible to create 1 multi sheet .tif from 1 multi sheet .pdf using the batch process feature in Adobe Acrobat Pro v.9?


      Also, while using the above mentioned Command - I'm prompted to hit ok for each file i'm converting.  This really takes away the usefullness of a "batch process"


      Any help with these two issues would be much appreciated.