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    FW CS4 forgetting slice image type

    bunner bob Level 1

      I created a bunch of slices in a document and exported them. The next day I went back and clicked on one of those slices and looked at the optimize panel, and it told me the slice was a GIF. But the saved file was a JPEG and I distinctly remember setting it to be so.


      Does FW spontaneously change the image type of slices?


      I am having a really hard time deciding whether to like or hate this application. It's extremely handy for building web layouts, but it seems to be very glitchy. Just working in the UI, things  like command-option to bring up the zoom tool - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Or dragging a layer into a folder in the Layers palette - sometimes it goes into the folder, sometimes not. Feels like working on a PC (sorry PC people)