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    Current time indicator slow & pixelized monitor


      I'm working with HD on Adobe and the Matrox rt.x2LE. When I'm working on the timeline my current time indicator is jumpy. When I hit stop in the preview window to get to a point of an exact cut, my current time indicator on the timeline jumps forward so I have to go back and move it. May seem petty but that's how I can get an exact clean cut. Would this be an adobe or a matrox question. any suggestions out there.


      Also, my monitor is really pixelated and funny looking...I have all the right settings it seems but it's really difficult in making a slideshow because I can't tell if the picture looks correct or not, really frustrating.  Does it change the image so I can watch it in real time with the corrections on it? Seems kind of pointless if i can't see correctly what I'm producing.


      Thanks in advance