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    Ultra Cs3 with Premiere Pro CS4


      I want to make sure I understand the situation with Ultra CS3.


      I did not upgrade to CS4, I have a standalone Production Premium CS4.


      I uninstalled PP CS3.  I installed PP CS4.  It took two full days to do.


      Now I want to use Ultra.


      From all I can find, it seems I need to uninstall CS4, re-install CS3, and

      then re-install CS4, and then it will work.


      Am I missing something here?  I hope this isn't correct, as I don't have

      an extra week laying around to accomplish this.


      Thanks in advance,



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          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Since it is an installation problem it probably is best to call Adobe.  Maybe they might have some short cut to makeing a stand alone Ultra installation.  But I would guess your assumption is correct and you need CS3 components to use Ultra.  You should not run into any problems having CS3 on with CS4.  But you will have to start all over with a clean install of CS3 first.

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            You may be in luck. Ultra CS3 is on a separate disk and has never had any integration with the rest of the suite. It has always been a stand alone application, so I see no reason for it to require a complete CS3 installation. I would just try to only install Ultra CS3 and leave the rest as it is. This might work and save you the trouble of installing the other components of CS3.


            Let us know if this works.

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              daphnesdad Level 1

              Thanks, Harm,


              I did try to install just the Ultra disc, and it installs most of it, but not enough.

              Ultra comes up, but it doesn't work.


              I think there must be a couple of needed installs from another CS3 disc.


              Thank you,



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                If you want to have Ultra CS3 remain activated, you need to have atleast one of the CS3 point products within your suite remain active,

                (IE: Premiere Pro CS3, After Effects CS3, Photoshop CS3 Extended, ect...) because Ultra CS3 is not a stand alone point product like it was when Serious Magic owned it, its now simply part of CS3, or you can just not use Ultra, and do your green screening in After Effects CS4, as it's better anyway. (Check videocopilot.net's advanced carhit tutorial for a lesson on keying in After Effects)


                If you don't keep atleast one point product in the CS3 activated, Ultra CS3 will run as a trial... but yes you should reinstall CS4 after you install which ever CS3 product you're going to be using.

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                  daphnesdad Level 1

                  I didn't include all the details how I got to the impasse with Ultra, but I actually

                  started in AE CS4 attempting to remove a folded shadowing green screen.  I

                  went to Lynda.com and watched Chad Perkins tut on keying in AE and at the

                  end he says, If you have Ultra, it is amazing.  It does the best job and the

                  fastest job at removing these green screen backgrounds.


                  The Video Copilot tut is perfect for what I was trying to do initially, so you

                  answered my question completely, affirming the need for other parts of

                  CS3 to be installed to use Ultra at all.


                  Thank you,



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                    I understand there are better ways to do green screening in CS4, but how do you do integration with virtual sets?  If not in CS4, is there some other virtual set product?  Ultra does some nice things, but is a little clunky.



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                      rsperry314 Level 1

                      This is a fun question because Ultra isn't in CS4. The answer is basically this...


                      Install one point product of Production Premium CS3 or Master Collection CS3 which ever package you may have with Ultra CS3, then install your CS4 apps or suite. and if you need to use virtual sets, you can either:


                      A. Use your Ultra CS3 software /w virtual sets, export your footage, then import that footage to what ever CS4 apps, you want to use to do some touch up work, this is probably not a perfered method as, exporting from Ultra CS3 is going to render your footage out and make the virtual set part of the footage, so if you needed to do any effects on the set itself, before adding the keyed footage this will be nearly impossible...


                      B. In what ever CS4 app you want to use, navigate to your Ultra CS3 folder, and import the virtual sets manually, then use those as a video layer, we can just call it video track 1 for example purposes, and overlay your keyed footage onto video track 2 or what have you... I assume you can figure it out from here...


                      (This is probably the best way you will find to use the virtual sets in CS4.)

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                        Derek P

                        I had the same problem.  Adobe support was no help.  Installed one CS3 program - premiere.  (Both CS3 and 4 can be on same Computer)

                        When the CS3 program was authorized, Ultra CS3 was fine. My Ultra had said the trial time was over.

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                          Harm Millaard Level 7

                          Apparently there is no need to install a 'point application'. As I said earlier, all you need to do is install Ultra. That's it. It works and you do not need to enter your serial number as well.

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                            daphnesdad Level 1

                            I have now tried again to install Ultra CS3 to work with CS4 suite, and it does not install completely.  There are no virtual sets available,

                            for example.





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                              Harm Millaard Level 7

                              I have not had that problem. MSL's are installed fine and fully functional, even those from the Serious Magic era (MSL2, MSL3).

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                                daphnesdad Level 1

                                That's wonderful to hear.  If you can tell me how to accomplish an install I most certainly will do it.


                                Thank you,



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                                  rsperry314 Level 1

                                  Harm is correct, you can install Ultra CS3 by itself, and you don't have to activate any other point products for it to work... However, this puts Ultra CS3 in a trial mode. It WILL require an activation of another point product from the Master Collection or Production Premium (which ever you use) after the trial expires, or you can always just reformat and reinstall it again, which will reset the trial period...


                                  The only exception to this would be if you're using a pirated/cracked version or some type of volume license or something which will suppress the activation screen.

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                                    daphnesdad Level 1

                                    Thanks for that suggestion.  This may be nothing, but, two discs I have for Production Premium 3 both say "Adobe Ultra CS3."  The first in

                                    order when opened has OnLocation files, and the second has Ultra files.  I have been trying to install Ultra from the second disc,  which is

                                    giving me the incomplete install.  Could there be something on the first Ultra disc I am missing?  Thanks.

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                                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                                      That is weird, since the original OL disk is light blue and the Ultra disk is green. There is no way to mix them up, neither by color, textual info on the front or in contents. Is this an official version you have?

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                                        daphnesdad Level 1

                                        Yes it is an official version.  You can see the discs here:






                                        I assumed it was a misprint.