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    Oddity with Resize transition

      I am working on an AIR application that utilizes the mx:Resize transition. I have LinkButtons at the top of the application that when clicked, will display a Canvas to the user (using transitions to turn on visible attributes, and resize the windows appropriately).

      The Canvases being displayed behave differently though. One of my Canvas will scroll down as part of the Resize transition, and all the objects inside the canvas stay put while it resizes (this is the behavior I expect and want). My other Canvas (which is coded with the exact same transition, only resizing bigger) will have its objects wipe across the canvas (from left to right) until they get in their positions. I have not specified a wipe effect, yet nothing I do seems to stop them from flying in from the left.

      Any thoughts on why this would be happening? How can I get the child objects inside the canvas to hold still while the canvas resizes?

      -Ned Kost