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    Different look in DNG PE and ACR why??



      I've tried recently to match ACR with my favourite settings from Nikon Capture and I cannot understand how tone curve ajustment works. When I set tone curve in DNG PE to best look (as in CNX2), and then load this profile into ACR my photo looks completely differently (it's much darker). I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but in ACR highlights are much more compressed than in DNG PE. All sliders in ACR are set to zero and so are tone curves. Please look at below thumbnails to see the difference - it's "Camera normal" profile, but it perfectly shows what I'm talking about.

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          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

          That's the problem. All your sliders in ACR are zero. They should be at the default values (e.g., Brightness 50, Contrast 25, etc.). The defaults in ACR are setup so that they will reproduce the profile as-is. If you set values like Brightness, etc. to zero then you are applying rendering modifications on top of what the profile does.

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                fware_de Level 1

                I had this also with Lightroom and found the following.


                The profile editor takes the DNG file and applies brightness and contrast to it. Unfortunately this is not shown or noted anywhere.


                Then you can change the curves and co. and save the profile.


                If I now use that profile in LR, I assume ARC does the same, I have to allow them to do the same adjustments as PE with brightness and contast to fit what I have seen in PE.


                I have also seen that this is the case for my Canon RAW/CR2 files using the Adobe provided camera profile. Profile is used but brightness and contrast are up as described.