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    About Flex ContextMenu

      Dear Sir or Madam:


      We may need help from you when we develop an applicaton by using Flex.

      1、   when the ContextMenu class is used when we develop an appliction. It should access the remote services or method by an asynchronous operations. However, the context menu cannot be displayed as we expect. (please see attach ContextMenuExample.as.txt).

      2、   we try to use the custom context menu, in order to solve the problem I mentioned before. This method need to set wmode as opaque or transparent, but this setting leads to some input method editor (IME) cannot locate focus correctly.


      Comparing these two measures, we prefer to using the custom context menu to solve the problem, if the input method editor (IME) problem can work properly. Whatever, which method is used, we need to solve this out.


      We greatly appreciate if you can give us a solution.


      Yours regards,

      Zhang Yanwei