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    Dependant dropdown repeat issue



      I did make a post in general discussion but as i am working on a php app i think it may be why i have had no response:


      The issue is trying to show a list of devices in a repeat region.

      In my test i have 3 fields

      Serial (text box) - user types in digits

      Product (master dropdown) - user selects a product from this dropdown menu gets its details from product db

      Model (detail dependant dropdown) - user selects a model that is dependant on the product the list gets populated from the model db.

      The above is added to a customerunit database.


      In my test i have called all units from the customerunit db and placed this in a repeat region please see screenshot below.


      The list requires the dependant drop down for all units so the user can update a unit details if they inputted incorrectly.


      As you can see the first row in the repeat works as i want it too and you can select the product which then shows the models for that product.

      But after row 1 the dependant dropdown does not work, the model field is unpopulated.


      Can anyone help me why this is not working correclty and if it can be done.

      My test.php page is on the other thread http://forums.adobe.com/thread/415740?tstart=0 if it helps.