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    Knut Uppstad

      Made some greenscreen footage and was going to key it, when I saw that my new CS4 had no greenscreen option. Tried Croma Key without sucsess. Bad quality. I had to use my old Premiere 1.5 to get the job done. I also have Premiere Elements 7 which have greenscreen.


      My question is why Adobe have removed this option in PPro CS4???? To sell me more products or just to anoy me?


      Elements 7 have it but not CS4. Why not?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          There are sufficient alternatives, Ultra CS3 or Keylight in AE or even Primatte, so there is no need to keep a crippled keyer in PP.

          If you have a perfectly good Porsche in your garage, would you consider driving a 20 year old unsafe, badly rusted and maintained car to work?

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            Knut Uppstad Level 1

            My question was, why Adobe removed a fully functional greenscreen in CS4?

            My greenscreen in PPro 1.5 worked just fine for me.


            I know I can buy a better keyer, but thats not my point.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Maybe you should ask Adobe, but I'm glad they removed crippled parts. Keying in PP 1.5 was BAD and there was no need to keep it. That's called 'progress' even though you may think of it as a move back in time. If you don't like it, keep using 1.5

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                Eddie Lotter Level 4

                Groetjes Knut. Welkom!

                Have a look at Make a color transparent with Color Key in the Premiere Pro Help.

                You will also find links to many free tutorials in the PremiereProPedia that will quickly show you how things are done in Premiere Pro.


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                  Knut Uppstad Level 1

                  A crippled part is better than no part at all.


                  If you mean removing one part and NOT replacing it with an improved part is progress, than I rest my case.


                  I used a Sony HVR Z1E and perfect lighting on the greenscreen.

                  Could not use CS4, but the 1.5 made a perfect job. Crippled or not.


                  All programs at this level has a greenscreen option.

                  Even cheap Mikki Mouse programs has one.

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    Then use a Mickey Mouse program.

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                      Knut Uppstad Level 1

                      As a new member at this forum I am surprised of the attitude in the answers from Harm Millaard.

                      Is this the way you welcome me?


                      Thanks a lot.

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                        Curt Wrigley Level 4

                        We dont know why they removed just the Green Screen Key.   Generally the keyers in Pr are known to be of poor quality.


                        You should be able to do what the green screen key did with either color key or chroma key, or even the Non red key.   They should provide very similar results.


                        If you have the suite ergo have AE; you will find it does a significantly better job.  If you have the suite; let us know and we can walk you through keying this section of your project in AE.


                        Hopefully we will see better keyers in Pr in a future release.

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                          Jeff Bellune Level 5



                          Eddie welcomed you quite nicely.  Harm answers a lot of questions, but sometimes he is a bit terse.


                          The bottom line is that the old green screen key effect is gone.  As has been pointed out, it was a mediocre effect.  The Color Key effect that Eddie pointed out still works at least as well as the old green screen key, and in many cases it does a better job.


                          Ultra CS3 and Keylight in AE are much better.  However, they are only bundled with their associated suites, so if Color Key doesn't work for you and you don't own the suite, then a stand-alone keyer will be required.



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                            Dan Isaacs Level 2

                            On the subject of standalone keyers:


                            There is also a freeware program called CineGobs Keyer. The keyer section of it is quite good, but it seems to suffer from some compatibility issues on some systems as it relies on Microsoft's .NET 2.0 platform. It is free, though, so you may want to try it out.

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                              Thrill Media Level 2

                              This is Adobe's way.  I honestly don't know how they stay in business sometimes(except for PS and AE).  If I treated my customers the way Adobe does at times I dare say I would have a hard time keeping the doors open.


                              First they give us a great audio program Audition  with the suite in CS2, then they take it away and replace it with the "elementsesque" Soundbooth in CS3.  So, now you must pay extra if you want a professional audio solution.


                              Next, they offer us Ultra for keying in CS3 and then they take it away in CS4.  Yes, you can install the CS3 version and use it but why?  Why not just include what we paid for in previous revs?  It doesn't even need to be updated, but should be installed along with the rest of the suite.


                              So your best bet is to use CS3s Ultra or go into AE or purchase a different solution for keying, oh and don't count on Adobe to get it right and you won't be dissapointed!