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    Adobe Air Application Installer.exe Documentation


      Hello All,


      i am having severe problems retrieving the documentation for "Adobe Air Application Installer.exe"


      We have applied as Publisher for Air Apps here:



      and filled out the form



      After that we were hoping to receive documentation about seamless install of air applications, but we are waiting right now ...


      So, time is running out, and i need the documentation of the "Adobe Air App Installer.exe"


      So far i have managed to silently install an air app:


      '$1 -silent -programMenu -location "$INSTDIR" "$TEMP\AirApp.air"' $0


      Where $1 is the "Adobe Air Installer.exe" retrieved from the registry

      $INSTDIR is the installation target path

      $TEMP is a temporary folder, containing the to install Air Application


      the above command works fine for clean and empty systems with no prior versions of the application installed.


      what i now miss are the return code meanings, ranging from 0..9 where i only know that 0 means success !


      And i would like to have a documentation about the



      and the



      parameters for seamless installation/deinstallation of a whole air app with data