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    go to and not play right! - please help

      Hi - thanks for looking


      I'm using a movie as an umbrella app that calls in various swf files when a user clicks a button - all works fine.


      In the individual swf files that get called up from the above app there are a sequence of scenes that are supposed to run consecutively that call up the frame names as here




      This works fine when I run the individual movie outside the umbrella app, however when run from the umbrella app it can't access the frame as it's (i'm guessing) now referencing the umbrella app not the called up swf. Is there a way I can make it reference the called in movie rather than the umbrella app.


      Here's the code I use to call in the SWFs


      this.createEmptyMovieClip("empty_mc", 1);
      empty_mc._x = 120; empty_mc._y = 85;