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    Topic List Tab Gone




      I have a developer here who is having a strange technical problem with her Robo install.


      Whenever she tries to open her project, she gets two error messages. One says that topiclist.dll cannot be accessed. This is followed by repository.dll cannot be accessed.


      I can deduce that both files are necessary for Robo to successfully launch a project.


      Her Topic List tab is also gone. The C: drive contains both of these two files in the proper place.


      How is this caused? How is this fixed?


      Many Thanks,


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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Was it installed with Admin rights?

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            I believe RoboHelp was with Admin rights.  I have been working, with no problems, on my project in RoboHelp for a couple months now; last night I saved my work, published and logged off RoboHelp and my pc.  This morning when I go to access my project I get the following errors:


            "Could not load 'C:\Program Files\Adobe\RoboHelp 6.0\RoboHTML\TopicList.dll'. Error code 998"     followed by


            "Could not load 'C:\Program Files\Adobe\RoboHelp 6.0\RoboHTML\Repository.dll'."   and I get this one again when I try to close the project.


            The project does open after I click on OK for both of the errors; however, as Joe said my Topic tab is missing and my options to check in or check out are not there.  I can view my topics.    No idea what happened between last night and this morning. 


            Thanks for your help,


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              I can't explain it, but everything is working fine now.   I rebooted my pc, for the third time, and my project now opens with no errors.   Maybe something was going on with our servers, no idea.

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                RoboColum(n) Level 5

                Are you placing your source files on a local drive (good) or a netword drive (bad)? If the former you can either use a source control app to backup the source or manually copy the source files to a server location. Working on a server/network is a recipe for disaster.

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                  JosephJohnson Level 1

                  Hi Colum,


                  Thanks for your help.


                  This fixed itself...so...could have been just something with the way the machine was booting.


                  To answer your questions though...we download from RoboSource and then we work on C.


                  Thanks again,