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    Stage is stuck on the left, hand tool won't move.

      Alright, I KNOW this question has been asked before with limited success in answers. I've searched various forums and ran a search on this forum as well looking for a fix to my problem. Unfortunately, none of the previous suggestions have helped me, and my problem remains. So I'm looking to see if anyone else can help me come up with a solution to this very weird and frustrating glitch.


      The problem:


      I have Flash CS3 installed. My stage is currently stuck, since the  installation, to a left-justified position...and this includes the pasteboard itself. I have tried previous methods such as using the hand tool, double-clicking the hand tool, pressing shift-ctrl-w, zooming in and out (works just fine...and I can use the hand tool to scroll and move up and down...but NOT side to side) checking my settings and preferences a hundred times, etc. This is just with the stage as is, in the default mode. No layers, no assets, no other scenes...we're talking bare bones. So it's not like I need to back up a scene or something...or I'm stuck in a clip. For the life of me, I can't figure out how to move my stage over to the right freely...it's like its locked into place.


      Is this...normal? Because I seem to recall being able to move it around freely, 360', on another computer...and if I can't move it then whenever I start working or drawing or whatnot, I'm unable to fully use my space. And its VERY frustrating. I know its obviously not a major issue...but it seems like it would be a quick fix, yet none of the suggestions have worked.


      Is this a common glitch? What can I do? I need to be able to move my stage over, and unlock it from whatever position its currently locked in...


      I appreciate any assistance. Thanks in advance.