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    CSS breaking with SWF in Firefox

      Ok, I am at my wits end. In an effort to have a more dynamic and attractive front page, I decided to redo my company's header/main navigation in Flash. The page looks good in IE (don't gasp it's what most of our members use) but it is breaking outside of its little div section in Firefox. I have looked at the stylesheet and I have looked at my code and I simply cannot find what's causing the problem.


      Here's the current site: http://www.olathe.org


      And this is the new design: http://www.olathe.org/default_new2.asp


      This is a site that went horribly neglected for years and I have been trying to get everything redesigned and updated over the last four months in between other projects. In other words... PLEASE don't judge me. :)


      For expediency's sake, I used ActionScript 2.0 because that's what I know. The page layout is done in CSS... and I have no idea why it is rebelling.


      Does anyone have any thoughts? I feel a bit out of my league on this. Thanks!


      Oh, and I still need to do a little pre-loader, so sorry about the slow loading.