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    LMS, fscommand, ExternalInterface, where do I begin?

      I've created a course using Flash 8 Pro and published it using the Flash Scorm 1.2 template. Then, using 3rd-party software I packaged the contents and uploaded all to the LMS. The course launches and works great, but now I need to work on the btn_ExitCourse that is in my Flash file and its AS.

      var courseCompletionStatus:String;
      btn_ExitCourse.onRelease = function():Void
      // I need code here that will close the browser window in which the course is displayed. Also, somewhere in my Flash file, I change the value of coureCompletionStatus to "completed". I need code here that if courseCompletionStatus == "completed" the course completion status in my LMS is set to "Complete", else it is set to/remains at "Incomplete".

      Can anyone help me with this or point me in the right direction? I'm new to AS so I've done well to get this course to work, but I'm so lost when talking about javascript, fscommand, ExternalInterface, etc. One computer language at a time, please :)

      Thank you.