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    Web Service invocation and Complex Types (java TO's)

      I am trying to call a java service from ColdFusion MX 8.0.1 using the following code.


      I am the developer of the Java service, not a coldfusion programmer.


           ws = CreateObject("WebService", "
           vali = CreateObject("Java","vo.myapplication.ContactVO");
           wsResponse = ws.updateContact(vali);


      The call fails with "Object Instantiation Exception - Class not found: vo.myapplication.ContactVO", so i know CF is unable to load my class.


      My question is why?

      My stubs have been generated into




      and i can see ContactVO in there, in the correct package.


      I can make it work if i add the absolute path of the sub directory to

      Server Settings > Java and JVM > ColdFusion Class Path


      Can anyone tell me why Coldfusion 8.0.1 is not dynamically loading the VO class, so that i can perform a CreateObject?


      Thanks in advance!