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    Need help with Acrobat automation scripting


      i need some help modifiying a simple insert page script so that i can process a folder of files named:
      01-xxx.pdf, 02-xxx.pdf, 03-xxx.pdf etc
      and insert a pages from another folder with files named:
      01-xxx-spine.pdf, 02-xxx-spine.pdf, 03-xxx-spine.pdf etc.


      I don't really know anything at all about scripting except how to define where the input file is etc


      the script i am using at the moment is like this:


      this.insertPages ({
      nPage: -1,
      cPath: "/c/temp/01-spine.pdf",
      nStart: 0


      it puts the page where it needs to be, but unfortunately, each page i need inserted is different and matches the doc that i am inserting it into so i need to be able to do this to 150 files at once, incrementally


      any help would be greatly appreciated