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    loadForCompatibility property in SWFLoader



      If I set the property loadForCompatibility=true when I use mx.controls.SWFLoader will I be able to load swfs compiled with a version of Flex greater than the version of Flex that my application was built with?


      It is not clear to me from the Adobe documentation.


      From the Marshall Plan manifesto which may not reflect the final implementation: http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/flexsdk/Marshall+Plan

      "The Marshall Plan will only support 3.2 Flex applications working in Flex 4 and beyond. There will be no support for Flex 3.0 or Flex 2.x applications working with Flex 3.2 or later. Folks requiring cross-versioning support in the future must upgrade all existing applications to Flex 3.2 or later."


      From the most up to date Marshall Plan doc: http://blogs.adobe.com/flexdoc/loadingSubApps.pdf

      "Flex supports multi-versioned applications that were compiled with version 3.2 of the Flex framework and later. For example, your main application can be a Flex 4 application, and the loaded applications can be compiled with either version 3.2 or version 4 of the framework. If you try to load an application that was compiled by a previous version of the framework, you will get run time errors if the two applications use a shared resource whose API changed between versions of the Flex framework."



      Rick Kissh