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    How to increase font size in RH UI?

    John BW

      I'm trying out a new "widescreen" monitor. It's native resolution is the only one that looks half decent, but it makes the words in the RoboHelp user interface smaller and hard for me to read. I'm talking about the font used in the Project Manger, the Topic List, and so on. Is there any way in RoboHelp (or in Windows XP) to increase the size of the font in the RH UI?

      John B.
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi John

          Congrats on the cool new monitor!

          I think you will find you have to adjust things in Windows. There is no setting in RoboHelp that I'm aware of that will change things for you. Although you may wish to suggest it to the developers, since larger resolutions (and your issue) will likely only become more predominant as time goes on! You do this via the Wish Form.

          Click here to view the WishForm/Bug Reporting Form

          You may wish to click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display and try changing the Appearance tab. There is a setting there for Font size. Additionally, if you click the Settings tab followed by the Advanced button you may find that changing the DPI setting may help. But beware that this setting can also negatively influence things like Flash output.

          Hopefully something here was helpful to you... Rick
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            John BW Level 1
            Hi Rick,

            Thanks for the suggestions. I wish I could say that they helped. But all the tinkering I can do in the Display settings (including Advanced) doesn't change the size of the text in the RH UI. I fear I may have to go back to a monitor that runs at a lower resolution.

            John B.