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    mixing lineseries and columnseries in same chart

    Cr99 Level 1

      I am trying to combine a lineseries and columnseries.  It works, but the columns are only 1 pixel wide which looks really ugly.  If I increase the stroke width, the columns use rounded corners which don't look right.  I would like to set the width to something like "percent of available space" so like 50% because the chart can be dragged and expanded and the columns should adjust to the overall width of the chart and have the columns draw like normal without rounded corners.


      Secondly, The line points are drawn in the middle of the columns.  I've tried setting the offest of the columns to -50 like it says in the documentation so that the columns are dran at the beginning of their available space, but this does nothing either.  I have to write this in Actionscript and here's some snippets of what I'm doing.


      var genericChart:CartesianChart = new CartesianChart() // I've tried LineChart and ColumnChart as well, nothing works


      var lineSeries:LineSeries = new LineSeries();

      stroke.weight = 3;   
      lineSeries.displayName = ser.name;

      lineSeries.setStyle("lineStroke", stroke1);  



      var columnSeries:ColumnSeries = new ColumnSeries();                              

      columnSeries.offset = -50;
      columnSeries.setStyle('stroke', stroke2);               



      genericChart.series = seriesArray.toArray()