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    CS4: lost layer?

    Richard049 Level 1

      I have recently upgraded form CS3 to CS4 Fireworks. I have a photoshop psd file with quite a few laywers showing th edesign of a web page I want to build. It includes a few layers for some drop down menus. When I open the file in Fireworks CS#, I can see all the layers when selectedin the layers window. However,  Fireworks CS4, I can see most of the layers, but not the drop down menu layers. Clicking in the layers window does nothing. But, with the same file using Photoshop CS4, and Fireworks CS3, those layers are visible.


      Is there some setting on fireworks that I am missing? This is the very first file that I have tried to use with my new Fireworks CS4.

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          SiamJai Level 2

          That's really weird! I sometimes come across a similar issue when importing complex PS/AI files that have a large number of layers and objects. The Layers panel doesn't show layers and is generally unresponsive (although the objects all display fine on the canvas, unlike in your case).


          I found the solution to my problem, and maybe it will work for yours too: I open another (non-AI/PS) document in a new tab, or simply a new blank document. When switching back to the original AI/PS import file, the Layers panel all of a sudden "wakes up": it displays all layers properly and the import file works just fine.


          Give it a try and see if it helps.


          Good luck!

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            Richard049 Level 1

            Thanks for your suggestion, but that did not work. After some more experimenting, I did find a solution. I opened the psd file in Photoshop CS4, and then made the drop down layers active and visible in the photoshop layers panel. Then after saving the file in that state and reopening it in fireworks, it worked. It appears that if you open a psd file that was saved in photoshop with some layers inactive and not visible, those layers can never be turned on and viewed in fireworks. It appears that you must make all layers that you want to use in fireworks visible when it is saved in photoshop.

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              Jim_Babbage Level 4

              FW CS4 respects the visibilty and lock/unlock state of Photoshop layers. You do not (or should not) have to make layers visible in order for FW to access them. I ran a quick test with a PSD mock up, hiding some layers as well as locking one, and when the file was opened in FW, I was able to access and unlock the layers with no trouble.


              Keep in mind that if you have a layer group and hide that layer group in PS, FW will require you to make the main layer and the objects within that layer visible. Just making the main layer visible will not reveal the objects within the layer.


              If you can share your PSD file, we may be able to help you further.

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                Richard049 Level 1

                Thatnk you for your help. It was a layer group. I didn't rrealize that they were handled differently. I could open the ayer group in Fireworks, look at the layers in the group and click on the visibility eye button, but they would not become visible in FW, until I made them all visible in Photoshop and saved them in a visible state. Thanks again.

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                  Jim_Babbage Level 4

                  You actually do not have to make them visible in Photoshop. You can do that in FW as I described earlier. Just make the main layer visible and also make the objects within that layer visible also by clicking on the box at the left side of each object in the Layers panel.