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    adjustcolorfilter script problem

      I'm using this command to adjust the brightness on some cast members.  When I'm running the movie in Director 11.5 everything seems to work well and I achieve the effect I need.  When I publish the movie into and EXE file, I get a script error. Continue? message and I don't see the effect.  Does the script only work in the Director program, is there anyway to make it work in a projector?




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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          You are missing an xtra in/beside your projector - possibly the BitmapFilters xtra. Are you excluding xtras when publishing (by using the Publish Settings dialog)? If so, you might need to add this xtra to the 'xtras' folder you are presumably supplying. Otherwise, check the dialog under Modify(menu) -> Movie -> Xtras... and ensure the Include in Projector box is checked for all the xtras listed. Also, the BitmapFilters xtra is a scripting xtra so isn't automatically added to your movie's xtraList, so you might need to manually add it to the list in the dialog

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            Thanks, it wasn't added to the movies xtras list and its working great now.