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    Dual Threshold Buffering feature

      I am building a course which streams .flv files from a Flash Media Server. We are looking to include the Dual Threshold Buffering feature for the videos in this course. We are using Flash 8 for building this course and we are using the FLV playback component to play the videos. We would like to know if the Dual Threshold Buffering functionality can be achieved with the FLV playback component. It would be great if you can provide us with any reference links or code snippet which will help us achieve this functionality within our course.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          how are you going to detect when the buffer is full or otherwise determine when to start paly?

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            it's a training program with a basic page turner which has several individual screen frames - some of them have video and some just have audio - but basically when a user clicks forward to review the next frame the screen fills and the video starts automatically within it - some of the screens load within a video playing but there are buttons which a user selects to run various videos to watch - same type of videos using the same video object - we embedded a basic flash video object in the .swf to control the videos (play/pause/scroll bar/forward to end/reverse to beginning buttons) - so that answers the "start play" question - we have set the buffering paramater to 15 for all of the videos but we can change it for each inidividual video as we are using a .xml file which interacts with the .swf - see sample below:



                 <assets> <ImageFile></ImageFile></assets>


            I am not the programmer but own the company and am managing the project.  I don't fully understand how this dual buffering should work with flash but if you could shed some light on how it might works using this .xml referencing technique we are using please reply.


            Also - if you have a few minutes I wouldn't mind speaking via phone or skype.  Let me know as I am always looking for people to work on various projects that have alot of flash knowlegde especially now that I am streaming video.

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              i think you misunderstood my question (because i didn't explain why i was asking):  the flvplayback component can be used to dynamically set buffer size and that's key to using dual buffering.  but you also need to know when to change the buffer size (to use dual buffering) and that's problematic with the flvplayback component because it has no native events that detect when the buffer is full or empty.

              looking at the source code, i think you can enable dual buffering  with the flvplayback component, but that will require some tweaking of the class.


              if you used the netstream class with the video component, no tweaking would be required.


              p.s.  send me an email ( http://www.kglad.com ) via my website to further communication.